Wing Chun Kung Fu is a form of Martial Arts that uses the shortest time and distance, the most economic movements and the fastest way to overcome and deter an opponent. Wing Chun Kung Fu was created by a nun called Ng Mui. Inspired by seeing a crane fighting with a snake, she originated a new style from the good points of these two fighting creatures. The style later became known as Wing Chun after the family name of the young woman who was her student. Wing Chun was passed down through the generations and was finally brought from Futshan province in the Kwantung area of china where it was very well known, to Hong Kong where it became the most popular martial art, eventually spreading all over the world.


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a practical martial art which involves no jumping or shouting or rolling on the ground, instead Wing Chun deals with people directly.

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Concepts & Theory

  • Centre Line Theory
  • Use of 45 degree angles
  • 4 Chamber Theory
  • Combinations
  • Sticking Hands
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Forms
  • The Wooded Dummy Form
  • The Six and a Half Point Pole Technique
  • Butterfly Knives


  • Short Range Power
  • Simultaneous Defence and Attack
  • Close Distance Combat
  • Economics of Movement
  • Faster Speed and Timing
  • Sharper Reflexes

The Simon Lau Martial Arts Academy offers Intensive Courses

  • Regular Weekly Lessons and Private Lessons.
  • Learn the explosive speed and power of a famous close range Martial Art
  • Totally practical, ideal for self-defence
  • Develop self-control, self-discipline and confidence
  • Over 30 years International teaching experience at the highest level
  • First class, air conditioned training hall in South Kensington

Martial Art is not, as some people might think, purely a form of fighting, nor is it something for which everything but the simple things in life must be relinquished. Martial Art is a natural discipline derived from obtaining a self control which is of greater strength than any external discipline. Through this state the body’s energies can be channelled towards the art of self defence and attack.

Wing Chun kung Fu is an aggressive style using compact and economical attack and defence methods; it is suitable for both Women and Men.

What you choose to extract from the Art is dependent on you. Some people view their Martial Arts practice simply as a leisure activity, gaining pleasure from training and achieving the goals they set themselves; others train to become technicians – performing techniques solely through the mastery of their bodies; and others train for years to master the Art in its entirety.

Many Martial Art instructors teach technique only, so their students never learn how to control their energy and use it to its full potential.

Simon Lau teaches that training the inner as well as the outer self is the key to being a true Martial Artist. A superficial veneer of dignity encasing self doubt and insecurity leads to both arrogance and aggression. A true Artist has gone beyond self doubt and understands his own shortcomings. Only when you have respect for yourself can you truly have respect for others.

A Pragmatic form of fighting, it teaches the warrior to be elusive and totally unpredictable

The central aim of kung fu is overcoming fear. For most people, physical combat is something they will rarely face. But emotional negativity is something many battle every day, and is a barrier that prevents us achieving our full potential. The challenges life brings become insurmountable when we are consumed by anger and doubt. If we are strong, problems cease to be unbearable, and are merely situations for us to remedy. Kung fu is a tool for cultivating a positive energy that is as useful in a social or working environment as on the street.

Through disciplined training, mental and physical strength develop. These attributes enable the individual to remain rational and dignified when confronted by aggression. Rather than becoming a victim, a person is then able to control volatile situations and avoid physical conflict. The fight is won without actually fighting. However, when a life threatening situation arises, there may be no choice but to fight. The intense shock of such circumstances can be so great that people are unable to move, let alone stop an attack. With good practice, Wing Chun kung fu gives practitioners the strength to react without fear; an asset that can save their lives

Training is centred around the principles of a calm mind, strength, stamina and tactical strategy. The instructor’s skill is in guiding the student to passing beyond sterile skill to an appreciation of the art.

As a true artist you study the Art with your heart, not with your head. You do not feel that you must challenge everyone, and so you have no fear of losing. You have a confidence which is neither misplaced nor inappropriate but displays itself as a quiet dignity. You do not compare yourself with others, but treat them as equal. Out of this serenity comes real strength and a True Warrior. (Harmony comes from sharing who you are, letting others share who they are, and learning how to do that together.)