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The art of Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu in London

Develop self discipline, control and confidence

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a style of Chinese martial arts focused on short range power, economy of movement and speed of striking in order to quickly deter opponents and defend oneself.

As a compact and aggressive style, Wing Chun is suitable for both men and women of all sizes, as the focus is placed on pragmatic movement, correct stance and a strong frame.

Wing Chun was first developed by a Nun called Ng Mui. Inspired by the movements of the Crane and the Snake fighting, she blended their essences to develop a style which would be effective for people of any size. Since then Wing Chun has passed through many generations and borders, becoming the most popular style in Hong Kong.

Learn under one of the true Masters

Simon Lau is one of the world’s true masters of Wing Chun Kung Fu, with over 30 years of international teaching experience.

Renowned for his speed and power developed through years of intense training, his comprehensive teaching system is designed to enhance the ability of his students through stages of progression, assessed via forms.

A blend of tradition and innovation through practice, Master Lau’s teachings focus on the inner as well as the outer qualities of the martial artist. Although Wing Chun is a progressive style, the foundations of traditional Kung Fu are present in each class. The central aim of Kung Fu is to overcome fear, by developing one’s own potential.

Training is centred around the principles of a calm mind, strength, stamina and tactical strategy. The instructor’s skill is in guiding the student to passing beyond sterile skill to an appreciation of the art.

Wing Chun Master LauWhat you choose to extract from the Art is dependent on you. Some people view their Martial Arts practise simply as a leisure activity, gaining pleasure from training and achieving the goals they set themselves; others train to become technicians – performing techniques solely through the mastery of their bodies; and others train for years to master the Art in its entirety.

Only when you have respect for yourself can you truly have respect for others. Wing Chun Kung Fu classes develop your self respect and esteem by training your body and mind in a safe and controlled enviroment.

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Develop your:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Self-defence skills
  • Mental clarity

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Further Information:

Master Lau’s classes guide students through a progression of developments, topics including:

Concepts & Theory

  • Centre Line Theory
  • Use of 45 degree angles
  • 4 Chamber Theory
  • Combinations
  • Sticking Hands
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Forms
  • The Wooden Dummy Form
  • The Six and a Half Point Pole Technique
  • Butterfly Knives


  • Short Range Power
  • Simultaneous Defence and Attack
  • Close Distance Combat
  • Economics of Movement
  • Faster Speed and Timing
  • Sharper Reflexes

Simon Lau - Wing Chun Kung FuThe Simon Lau Martial Arts Academy offers Intensive Courses

  • Regular Weekly Lessons and Private Lessons
  • Learn the explosive speed and power of a famous close range Martial Art
  • Totally practical, ideal for self-defence
  • Develop self-control, self-discipline and confidence
  • Over 30 years International teaching experience at the highest level
  • First class, air conditioned training hall in South Kensington

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