Improve your health and wellbeing with this ancient Chinese healing system

Master Lau’s Qigong classes in London provide a gentle and meditative flow of exercises designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase energy levels for all ages.

Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung), is an ancient self healing system, practised in China for thousands of years. The focus of Qigong is to restore energy, vitality and balance to the human system. This is achieved through fluid movements and focused inner awareness developed in simple forms.

Qigong ClassesKnown for enhancing your own ‘inner treasures’ Qigong carries a range of well established health benefits such as:

  • Improved immune system
  • Improved mental health
  • Decrease in tension and stress
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Improved cognitive ability

Anyone can learn Qigong in the right environment, and when practised regularly it provides a welcome tonic for all ages, a true refuge from the stress of everyday life.

The benefits of Qigong arise from the physical self awareness and mental tranquillity which it produces. Qigong progressively replenishes bodily defences, and enhances circulatory and respiratory efficiency. This in turn alleviates many stress related conditions such as anxiety symptoms, respiratory symptoms, and any number of other dysfunctions which mutually aggravate each other.

By readjusting our equilibrium, our natural body energy, Qi (Chi), and our normal defences are allowed to act without the help of synthetically prepared treatments, therefore Qigong provides a natural, therapeutic alternative to drug treatments.

Dr Simon Lau (RCHM) is one of the UK’s leading authorities on Qigong, and his classes go beyond the surface layers of pure physical form or style, to focus on the essence of the practice, which is to return from the ego, to the unconditioned mind. This allows for self healing.

Online course

Whilst in person practice is the most beneficial, one is able to gain a solid introduction in QiGong via video learning. Simon has prepared an online course for those unable to travel to the centre, which allows for an introduction to the subject and guides you through three forms.

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