I just wanted to write to you to firstly thank you for all the invaluable information and advice you provided me when I came a couple of months ago for my astrology reading and compatibility reading. The knowledge has helped me greatly to understand many things in my life.

Once again, I can not thank you enough for your time and knowledge and I wish you every success in your life and with the Simon Lau Centre.

India Summer
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Dear Master Lau

Thank you so much for very kindly taking the time to not only look in depth into my astrological chart but also to carefully talk it all through with me.

There is so much to consider and contemplate. Each time I go through it I make more realisations! It is fascinating, daunting and inspirational all at once!

We spoke of “gold” in my chart but to be given so much kindness really is like gold dust to me. Thank you! I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to be guided by you.

Do hope you had a wonderful time seeing in the new year. I do hope the year of Ox brings you lots of happiness and prosperity.

With enormous thanks once again.

Warmest regards,

Anita Shan
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Dear Master Lau

I have had this words in my mind for several weeks and it is long overdue!

At last I have found a moment to write to you to say how very much I appreciated the updated Chinese Astrology Reading you gave me. It has proved invaluable to me, so much information and so many layers. I have been trying to put some of the information into practice and already I feel the benefit.

I also particularly enjoyed spending time with you and witnessing your healing through the Astrology.

I owe you a big thank you for a “jewel” of tremendous value I have gained so much from your insights.

With fondest love

Chelsea Yun
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Dear Sifu

I just want to express how much I appreciate your hospitality and the kindness you have shown us during this weekend. As usual, it has been an amazing experience.

The Dim Sum party was definitely a success, it surpassed all my expectations by far. I had a wonderful time, enjoying the food, the company and the entertainment. It was really fun to meet some of your students here in London and exchange experiences with them. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

Kind regards

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Dear Tommy

I wish we could have such inspiring seminars more often and on a regular basis, as it is not only about learning how to place Bong / Tan Sau, but to understand why and get a chance to develop oneself on another level really.

I am really thankful for this seminar and this experience. As said by Master Lau (but in my word here), a gift is not about what it contains or what is given, but about what the intention of the giver was. I received this seminar as a gift. For the past nine months, Wing Chun Kung fu has been a tremendous gift, as a help to handle life stress, as a way to activate my body, as a way to learn new way of thinking, as a support when it comes to external forces which I cannot control. This is really fantastic in my view that I can feel this way after this seminar. Real peace of mind and control (in a way!) of my thoughts.

Have a very nice sunny weekend.

Kind regards

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Dear Sifu

I just wanted to send an email to say a very big thank you for everything – I thoroughly enjoyed my final class with you last night, and while I am upset to leave behind what has become an important part of my life, I will always be grateful that for the lessons I’ve learnt from you – you have given me the most valuable gift, which I will keep for life. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

The atmosphere of your classes is just super – and when I left last night, it became even more apparent to me just how special the experience I’ve had under your teaching has been (and I’m sure as the weeks go by, I’ll realise it even more!) It’s almost a case of not quite understanding what you have, until you move on to the next chapter in your life.

So Sifu, I wish you all the best of luck for the future – and if you are even in the San Francisco, it would be a great pleasure to show you around and take you for lunch!

With warm regards

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Dear Sifu

Thank you for inviting me to your seminar on Sunday. It was very insightful and mind opening. It is inspiring to be around some one who is truly inspired by what they do. Thank you again.

Forever a student

Carl Currier
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Dear Master Lau.

Last weekend was great. Thank you for teaching the dummy. It was extraordinary to watch you move, show and tell about the dummy training.

It was an interesting grading. You have been telling us before about the female who has easier to express the artistic side of them self. I have never understand it until now. I think myself has a lot to learn from this artistic impression that I saw from the female students, especially Cecilia.

You can not imaging what a great honour it was to be sharing a dinner with you. The things you said was exactly what I needed to hear and my relationship with my girlfriend is now growing even stronger every day.

I´m smiling to myself when I write this letter/feedback. I´m feeling very happy and lucky to have such a humble Master in life as you, who teach me with honesty and inspiration, and taking such a great care to me as a student. To learn from you is priceless and I could never imaging myself to sharing a dinner with you.

Hope to see You soon.


Christian Fogelberg
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Simon Lau Centre, Sweden, Gothenburg

Hello Sifu,

just a quick email to thank you for your excellent lessons, which I find extremely inspirational. I particularly enjoyed the last lesson with your discussion on: ‘standards’, ‘improvement’, and ‘love’.

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn under your guidance and I hope this lasts as long as possible ( although I am aware that everything in life is constantly changing ).

Warmest regards,

Jerome Gill
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Dear Sifu,

Thank you for a remarkable seminar! (Living art with Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology). It’s such an interesting subject and your delivery was very inspiring, encouraging and challenging in true Simon Lau style….awesome.

Best wishes

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Dear Sifu

I felt I should drop you a note to express my heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge, time, energy, experience and philosophy with me in the class on Tuesday evenings (7pm).

I am really enjoying learning the wing chun style from you and look forward to every class. The energy is always positive at the centre and I come away with a sense of feeling energized and positive.

I also really enjoy learning about your views and philosophies. There is much that I agree with. I truly believe that ‘if you are going to do anything, then you should do it properly’. I have always believed this – my father (now long dead) used to tell me this all the time as a child. You have often expressed the same philosophy in different words. If you are going to do anything in life you should do it with a positive attitude, and to the best of your abilities. Otherwise there is little point in doing it at all!

I try and apply this to Wing Chun. I do train and practice a lot, although to be honest, I have let things slip a little recently. I have become very aware of my physical condition, and am keeping fit and healthy. As well as practicing Wing Chun, I run about 20 miles every week. I am going to run the marathon again next April so need to become fitter still to do my best!

I’m look forward to learning more next week.

Kind regards

Ian Ronayne
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Dear Sifu

I attended the first form grading today and I listened to what you had to say.

For the time I have been lucky enough to spend with you in Wing Chun and Qigong classes, I consider myself very fortunate. You have made me become a better person emotionally, morally and spiritually and I have also been fortunate to be learning Wing Chun from you. I will never be able to express in words how much the opportunity of learning from you has changed me – I am constantly reminded when you said in one lesson that the knowledge you give us about emotions and morality and life can be used every day, but the Wing Chun knowledge may never be used – this is definitely true in my case and it has made me more in touch with my emotions and the way I behave and about life in general.

In addition to this you have also been kind enough to help me when I have been ill, and when you helped me the medicine you gave me helped me to recover in a much shorter space of time than I would have if I did not ask you for help. I would also like to thank you for this.

I also remember in one lesson you mentioned in the class that the students who have been there longer said that the knowledge you have is best given in little bits because when it is given all in one go it is hard to digest – as time has gone by I have found this to be also very true. The words you say – for example taking for granted the people closest to us are very relevant to your students lives and what I have also noticed is that you exactly seem to talk about the right things at the right time – when that subject is having an impact in your students lives !

I also wanted to say although I also failed my first form grading, the passing of your knowledge of Wing Chun to your students is appreciated and understood Sifu. As I watched the people being graded today, although I did not know exactly who was going to fail or pass I could see and understand where the students had to improve and at the same
time where I also needed to improve.

You ARE a good teacher and person Sifu and I value the time we spend together and the knowledge that you give – in all subjects.

Thank you.

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Dear master,

I want to let you know how proud I’m to have been succeeded to pass the second grading with you as an examiner and teacher. I know that my Wing Chun career just started and I’m very excited and thrilled to continue it. And I hope that I will meet you again to be able to learn more about myself and the Wing Chun system.

I hope I see you again in a near future.

Warmest Regards

Fredric Olausson
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Dear Sifu,

My training is going well. I am now doing 700 punches, 500 knife hand and 500 palm strike on my bag and am really beginning to feel my power growing which is very exciting. After what you said on Tuesday I have started doing sit-ups again and was shocked to find how weak I was. I could only do 30 to start with! I used to do over 100 every morning when I was younger.

I also wanted to thank you for the seminar last Sunday, it was truly inspirational! I took so much away from the day in terms of learning more about the transfer of force and one’s ability to absorb it. Finishing with an intense sparring session with Michael was amazing, it really showed me how fast wing chun should/can be and how much more I can and need to improve. It sent me away inspired to redouble my training efforts!

Thank-you for all your teaching, especially your wise philosophical discussions about how to live one’s life. Over the last 2 and a bit years I have gained so much from being part of your centre.

Best wishes

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Sifu thank you for another remarkable class, coming to your class is like going through a soul car wash you go in all dirty and dull and come out bright and shiny!!!

You are a truly remarkable teacher, healer and human being. Thank you so so much you give me the power to transform my life. How awesome is that!

Best wishes

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Dear Sifu

Thank you for an extraordinary week-end for sharing your knowledge with us.

The seminar gave me wider understanding in the way of training in Wing Chun and how to understand it better. I really appreciate you coming here, and I feel very good when you are here. I am counting days for your next visit!!

The time was running fast when you were here and next time you come I think you should stay a bit longer, not working, just for holiday and to relax.

Best regards

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Dear master,

The way you combine your way of teaching with serious and meaningful sentences and laughter, that makes the whole class laugh, makes me a student, so proud to have you, Master Simon Lau that teaches me things in life in a way no other person could do.

The way you put effort in teaching me the movements correct so that I will understand them, and not giving up until you see that I am aware of what I am doing, makes me feel happy and thankful for having someone like you to teach me the beautiful art of Wing Chun.

I wish that you always could be in Sweden teaching me, however I still do appreciate the knowledge I receive here in Sweden.

The Seminar in advanced Chi sau, was so inspiring and educating and once again, you make me feel proud because what you teach is true and logic and you never say anything else than the real thing. That is why my heart explodes with joy and gratitude every time you share your serious knowledge of life and making me understand it. And on top of that, you do it with laughter and seriousness which makes what you say, go straight into my heart.

I have my own personal journey in life, and a part of that journey is you and all the other beautiful things in my life that the Wing Chun has brought to me. It is very hard for me to imagine what my life would look like today if the Simon Lau Center had never showed up during my journey.

In the last weekend you taught me well, inspired me in a fantastic way, made me understand more about Wing Chun and you reached out to my heart once again…

Your Wing Chun student

Pouria Farsani
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Dear Sifu,

I thought i would send you an e mail as I have not been at your lessons for 2 weeks now.

I have created a wonderful chance for myself to design and hopefully build the grounds of a local infant and junior school.

This has become much more important to me now knowing what I have learnt from you about learning. I have the chance to create a space or spaces that young children can start learning and become energetic about there learning.

The drawings are taking a little more time than I first thought. This is why I am not at your fantastic lessons at the moment. I am still training every morning and loving it.

All this is from me making a choice and knowing that it was the right one. This gave me such piece of mind that I did not have the internal dialogue. I did not wonder what would happen next because I was solid in my beliefs that it was the right one to make. How cool is that.

I have read your letter that is on the web site about karma and choices and found it amazing .this along with your lesson where you talked about this topic has such an influence on the way that I think today. From this I challenge myself everyday to make my own choices even when people and situations try to influence me.

All this from making the right choice.

I never would be strong enough to go through what I am without your teachings. Not only do I take notes in class I read them and read them until I understand them.

This is then not enough I must apply. As my sifu you have said ’you only learn by doing’ I can’t agree enough.

I always thought that I was pushed towards the Simon Lau Centre for a reason.

Thank you Sifu and I say Sifu with the up most respect.

Sorry for the long e mail and I will be back next week. ‘The drawings need to be in on Friday and I need to present them to the head mistress. Thank you Sifu.

All My Respect

Carl Currier
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Dear Master,

Thank you for visiting Sweden again last weekend. You taught me the 3 set on the wooden dummy and I am very thankful for that. It was interesting to hear you talk on the introduction. The movie at the end was really cool and very inspiring.

It was also a pleasure to hear your answer from people asking questions. Someday I also want to answer with that full confidence and sharpness. Hope to see you soon again!

Christian Fogelberg
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The spiritual guidance and advice which you have given me over the years has helped me through many of the ups and downs in my life.

Your words of wisdom, I shall carry with me always. These are priceless in my journey; I thank you with utter most respect.

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Thank you, as ever, for your kind words of encouragement. Many things in my life have begun to gradually but surely change. I am enjoying this feeling of impermanence and transformation. Your teaching has led me to a path that I would not have ever seen. The knowledge you have given me about my personal journey is priceless, I am so happy and honoured. I will take this with me for the rest of my life.

Jang Yang
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My heart explodes with joy and gratitude every time you share your serious knowledge of life and making me understand it. And on top of that, you do it with laughter and seriousness which makes what you say, go straight into my heart. It is very hard for me to imagine what my life would look like today if the Simon Lau Centre had never showed up during my journey.

Thank you so so much you give me the power to transform my life. (How awesome is that!)

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It was a shocking, comforting and exciting experience receiving a Chinese Astrological Reading from Master Lau.

Shocking because of how accurate the information was about me and all just from date and time of birth! Comforting because this knowledge and insight allowed me to understand myself more and to make much better choices regarding my life. Exciting because of all the amazing possibilities now open to me with my new-found knowledge!

It was truly a life changing experience.

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Thank you!

Master Simon Lau for my astonishing Astrology reading. Your expertise is awe-inspiring and so captivating. You have given me your, incomparable knowledge on this, amazing, subject. And created a bespoke reading, which permeates into every facet of my life.

You have put me back onto my path and I thank you for that.

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I had requested from Master Simon Lau to have my Chinese astrology reading done, this was to gain wisdom and spiritual insight in order to learn about myself and the connection between us and the universe that we live in. Not only did I learn all those stated previously I was given the gift of Master Lau’s philosophy and also guidance throughout my journey. No price nor words could express or explain my gratitude towards Master Simon Lau.

Navid Baboli
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Master Lau’s life guidance has helped me better understand my true character and improve my emotional intelligence in engaging with others.

I feel equipped to better navigate life’s challenges and opportunities more positively.

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Recently received a full Chinese Astrology reading by Master Simon Lau

I was completely astonished at the incredible knowledge and life enhancing insight that this Astrology reading gave me. Great accurate detail was given about my past, my present and my future. Life changing advice on everything from specific food types to eat and avoid, correct exercise ideas, and harmonious Feng Shui improvements around the house, work and life, distinctly for me. If you want to invest in your wealth, health and vitality then this is the real deal and believe me there is not many genuine real masters around these days.

I am forever grateful for sharing your generous knowledge with me.

Dominic Alan Williams, BSc, (Hons), Lic Ac MBAcC, RCHM
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Simon Lau’s astrology readings are truly insightful and enlightening. Whatever you are going through,

his reading hits the nail on the head and explains why things are as they are and what you can do to help make lasting change and positive progress for your life whatever your path.

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I have been a regular attendee of Simon Lau’s weekly qigong classes for more than 5 years. Over that time and with regular practice, the change to my life has been immeasurably beneficial. Both my physical health and my mental health have improved far beyond my expectations. I cannot thank Simon enough for his training, wisdom and guidance. He is a hugely experienced and skillful teacher with the patience necessary to ensure his students progress in a meaningful way. I cannot recommend Simon Lau’s qigong course highly enough. An attentive and diligent student will achieve much.

Nigel Hastings
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The Simon Lau Centre is for me the best place in the UK to learn about the Traditional Chinese Arts of Wing Chun and Qi Gong.

I still enjoy attending the classes as much now in 2023 as I did in the 1990s .

The teacher has a first class knowledge and mastery of both Arts and can really explain the subject in details as well as

demonstrate incredible skills.

The only way to really comprehend what I am saying is to sign up for some classes.

Believe me you won’t regret it.

Michael Clarke
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Simon Lau’s astrology readings are truly insightful and enlightening. Whatever you are going through, his reading hits the nail on the head and explains why things are as they are and what you can do to help make lasting change and positive progress for your life whatever your path.

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I had requested from Master Simon Lau to have my Chinese astrology reading done, this was to gain wisdom and spiritual insight in order to learn about myself and the connection between us and the universe that we live in. Not only did I learn all those stated previously I was given the gift of Master Lau’s philosophy and also guidance throughout my journey. No price nor words could express or explain my gratitude towards Master Simon Lau

Navid Baboli
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I went to Simon Lau centre to have an astrology reading the first time at a very difficult time for me and my family as we lost a young person and I needed help to understand how to best be of support. The reading was not only profound and astonishingly accurate but It gave me clarity about the situation and my own Self in relationship to that situation. I didn’t really know what to expect and it was accurate, helpful and most importantly, delivered with knowledge, wisdom and compassion. And these may just sound like words when you read it but there is Huge wisdom and compassion in the readings.

For years I didn’t really understand Astrology, but with every session and every reading I have had since (many now) I see the science and art it is and it has transformed the way I interact, understand and perceive my inner and outer worlds. And my decisions are better informed as I understand my elements and those of the people around me.

Simon Lau’s readings are not just readings, they are profound life lessons.

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Thank you for last weekend’s wonderful seminar!  I loved every second of it.  It’s such a treat to attend your seminars.  Your teaching have certainly made a huge different in my life.  Today I am capable of enjoying life to a greater extent than I was; I appreciate the present a lot more, I have discovered that when I relaxed I am capable of handling various situations better because I am not as nervous as before.

Wei Yee
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Thank you for a great seminar!

It’s always so elevating to listen to you and to experience all your great knowledge.  I feel completely inspired.  The philosophy is awesome, and I am very grateful to get to learn it form you.  I just want you to know what a positive and life-changing impact you’re teaching actually has been helping me.

I feel so good after your words.  I admire you!

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Thank you very much for another awesome session.  I came home feeling passionate and inspired as I always do.  This is why I look forward to the next session as soon as my session has finished.  I hope that your passion for teaching never fades.

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I am so glad that I met you.  I very much appreciate and value your teaching as a master and it continues to have a deep affect on my life and realising how highly valuable the knowledge is for my life journey.

I wish to thank you for your teaching which have inspired me to be a better human being in myself and in all that I do.  Your teaching in recent years have already transformed my life in a very positive manner.  Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

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I am very pleased to be with your teaching and I have the discipline to achieve your guidance which reinforced to me the spiritual important that you offer as a master, which is not available elsewhere.

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I am really grateful for and appreciate your guidance you gave me last session it has helped me greatly by proving me with the clarity I needed and has put my mind more at peace.

I thank you.

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Your way of teaching I am completely fell in love with it.  I am truly expressing my gratitude to you and what you have created a new concept of life which has not only given me a new way of perceiving life, but it has changed my life all together.  Not a single day goes by without me thinking of something your wisdom has taught me.  Learning to see challenges instead of problems is one of the greatest gifts I have never received.  Thank you for the wisdom you share and the inspiration you have given me.

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I would like to thank you for your guidance and teachings and words of wisdom, they are so few and far between in day to day life and I consider myself lucky to have attended you seminars and met you.

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I want to thank you for your wisdom, helped to remind me about life being a journey.  It brought me a lot of peace.  I often struggle to accept some of the circumstances in my life and lead me to feel quite lonely and hours of internal dialogue and more feelings of sadness.

I thank God that I have met you on my journey and you keep me focused on the right path.

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I would like to thank you for your philosophical life coaching of this afternoon.  Your intelligence, wisdom and kind words have dissolved in on hour two months of obsessive thinking in my mind.  I was handcuffed to a wall; now I am flying and smiling again.  It is an immense honour to be one of your students.

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I thank you for a magic seminar.  The knowledge and wisdom you have shared with us will last for a lifetime.  I can’t imagine what kind of person I would be today if I haven’t had the luck and fortune to meet such a great master as you.  Your inspiration and motivation with positive mental attitude like a light shining through darkness of room.

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Your wisdom has a great impact on me; it’s able to produce instant shifts and sometime what you talk about is incredibly relevant with what I’m experiencing at a given time.  You are my life guidance.

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