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Workplace mindfulness
Workplace mindfulness

Workplace Mindfulness

Enhance employee wellbeing, achieve better results.

In the UK, half of work related illness and absence is related to mental health and stress. Conditions such as depression, anxiety can affect anyone, as can day to day low mood and burnout. Therefore, workplace stress management is crucial to retention, productivity and fostering a positive company culture.

Since the pandemic, staff are more than ever concerned with their work-life balance, and are seeking ways to enhance their mindfulness at work. The competing duties of the modern world can cause anxiety, burnout and fatigue. These emotions have a negative impact on the immune system, which will in turn lead to sickness.

Workplace mindfulnessThe answer to these issues is correcting the imbalance. Master Simon Lau has designed a workshop for the modern workplace, which teaches simple yet powerful stress reduction techniques to enhance the wellbeing of your team.

This workshop is a one day event (taking between 3-6 hours depending on an initial consultation) and is ideal for organisations of all sizes.

Master Simon Lau’s technique is rooted in an ancient form of Chinese medicine, known as Qigong. A gentle practice based on posture, relaxation, concentration and breathing, Qigong is a practical, yet potent tool to enhance wellbeing at work.

Through Master Lau’s guidance, a beginner can learn the fundamentals of Qigong in a relatively short time span. Participants will learn the art of relaxation with Diaphragmatic Breathing techniques, Mindful breathing exercises, and simple forms to aid stress relief and mindfulness.

Our workplace is a microcosm of society. If our members feel overwhelmed or disconnected, then the output will be negative.

However if we foster support, with Corporate wellness programs, and teach tools for self awareness and balance, then we can achieve optimal results as a team.

For more information please contact us using the general booking enquiry link, below.

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