Simon Lau

Simon Lau

Simon Lau was born in China, and educated by buddhist monks from a young age. Throughout his early life in Hong Kong he was steeped in the traditional values of Chinese culture and martial arts, providing a foundation which he has spent his life cultivating.

Simon has pioneered the development of martial arts in the West, being the first to teach the Wing Chun Kung Fu style in the UK. Since the 1970s he has taught thousands of students from his base in London, whilst also travelling and teaching internationally.

Through decades of intense training, Simon became well known for his dedication to the art, and developed his own take on the traditional Yip Man Wing Chun style; a blend of tradition and innovation that focuses on practicality and real world application.

Simon has been showcased in many documentaries such as BBC’s ‘The Way of the Warrior’, and channel 4’s ‘The Living body’, as an embodiment of speed, power and martial arts excellence. He was also featured on Sky One’s ‘Fight School’ reality show, and Discovery Channels ‘The Greatest Ever Weapon’. (See our News page for more information).

In September 2000, he became the first martial artist invited to speak at the Cambridge Union. Soon after Simon was awarded with the Combat Hall of Fame Award and Combat Lifetime Achievement Award, further demonstrating his lifelong commitment to Martial Arts excellence. He is also the author of the classic reference book: ‘Master’s Kung Fu’.

In keeping with the warrior tradition, Simon is commited to healing as much as physical training. He is a sincere practitioner of Qigong, Chinese astrology, and a licensed herbal medicine doctor. These interlinked practices form a structure where diagnosis is based on constitution and restoring balance to the human system.

The Simon Lau centre was established in 1990, (With a centre in Sweden established in 1995). Known as a centre of excellence and traditional values, Simon has dedicated his life to the physical, emotional and spiritual development of his students.

Simon’s teaching is based on the core belief that the minds which coordinate violence can coordinate cooperation. Everyone has an equal right to eliminate suffering and seek happiness.

For more information about Simon’s journey please see the News page, and for enquiries related to seminars, classes and events, click here.

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