Chinese astrology


The increasing popularity of Chinese Astrology in the West can likely be attributed in some measure to the fashionable interest in Fengshui, with which it is intimately bound. Undoubtedly one of the most complex and precise forms of astrological divination, Chinese Astrology devotes some two and a half thousand chapters to the subjects of calendrical science and the art of prognostication by stellar and planetary movements.

Whilst most Westerners have heard of Chinese animal signs, these are a vastly simplified version of the rich legacy of Chinese Astrology, borne of over five thousand years of continuous development.

The Chinese hold that we have Three Fates which influence our lives.

The first of these is the Heaven Fate. Since time is measured by the movements of celestial bodies, this relates to the time we are born and the positions of the sun, moon, stars and planets in relation to each other and the earth. Each year, month, day and even hour indicates a kind of personality. It is the combination of personalities in our individual chart that influence our fate and fortune.

These astrological influences are unchangeable. However, the other two Fates relate to conditions that we are able to take an active part in influencing ourselves.

The Earth Fate concerns the place we live, our surroundings and environment (that is, our Fengshui.) Fengshui literally means ‘wind and water,’ or as it was originally called ‘Kan Yu’ (the way of Heaven and Earth.) Fengshui, though it deals with the configurations of the earth has it’s source in astronomical observation.

The Human Fate is the way in which we behave and manage the resources bestowed upon us by the Heaven Fate. We can positively influence this through our own efforts and attitudes, such as acts of responsibility and awareness of the true human potential.

It is apparent then, that Chinese Astrology is not entirely fatalistic or pre-determined. During a consultation, you will receive detailed and specific advice on how you can effect positive change. Master Lau will advise on all areas of your life including; careers you would be well suited to, elements that bring you luck, which foods are beneficial to your constitution, even which colours you should be wearing! Moreover, you will gain insight into your Nature Self, that is, the part of your character not concerned with status or ego. This valuable information is important for helping us not to go against our Nature Self, but to follow our true path.

Chinese Astrology should help you to both make and maintain good relationship. In relationship success is considered synonymous with good or workable relationship. Everyone had to have a special relationship in order to get things done. In other words, who you know or have good relations with is more important than what you know. It is relationships that open doors for us. Relationships bring us in contact with people who can effect changes in our lives or make us part of a bigger, better team. Relationships help us manage the unmanageable. Relationships bring the unreachable within our grasp. Relationships are influence. It may sound simplistic, but in the end, everything boils down to good, working, harmonious relationships. Society cannot exist without them. We are social animals.

Modern society has created all kinds of new names for relationships. Business management calls them “networking” Connecting with the right parties is the major aim. The link-up of a network or networks is essential to making it in today’s corporate world. Whether we are busy mending broken fences of friendship, building new communications bridges, making new connections, we are employing the basic principles of trying to establish good relationships.

Understanding our astrological chart and luck cycles allows us to minimise negative effects and capitalise on auspicious periods when chances of success are greater. When we know our true character and needs we are able to make decisions from a position of strength and knowledge and, through subtle changes in our surroundings and actions, attract Luck and Fortune into our lives.

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