Dear master,

The way you combine your way of teaching with serious and meaningful sentences and laughter, that makes the whole class laugh, makes me a student, so proud to have you, Master Simon Lau that teaches me things in life in a way no other person could do.

The way you put effort in teaching me the movements correct so that I will understand them, and not giving up until you see that I am aware of what I am doing, makes me feel happy and thankful for having someone like you to teach me the beautiful art of Wing Chun.

I wish that you always could be in Sweden teaching me, however I still do appreciate the knowledge I receive here in Sweden.

The Seminar in advanced Chi sau, was so inspiring and educating and once again, you make me feel proud because what you teach is true and logic and you never say anything else than the real thing. That is why my heart explodes with joy and gratitude every time you share your serious knowledge of life and making me understand it. And on top of that, you do it with laughter and seriousness which makes what you say, go straight into my heart.

I have my own personal journey in life, and a part of that journey is you and all the other beautiful things in my life that the Wing Chun has brought to me. It is very hard for me to imagine what my life would look like today if the Simon Lau Center had never showed up during my journey.

In the last weekend you taught me well, inspired me in a fantastic way, made me understand more about Wing Chun and you reached out to my heart once again…

Your Wing Chun student

Pouria Farsani