Dear Sifu

I felt I should drop you a note to express my heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge, time, energy, experience and philosophy with me in the class on Tuesday evenings (7pm).

I am really enjoying learning the wing chun style from you and look forward to every class. The energy is always positive at the centre and I come away with a sense of feeling energized and positive.

I also really enjoy learning about your views and philosophies. There is much that I agree with. I truly believe that ‘if you are going to do anything, then you should do it properly’. I have always believed this – my father (now long dead) used to tell me this all the time as a child. You have often expressed the same philosophy in different words. If you are going to do anything in life you should do it with a positive attitude, and to the best of your abilities. Otherwise there is little point in doing it at all!

I try and apply this to Wing Chun. I do train and practice a lot, although to be honest, I have let things slip a little recently. I have become very aware of my physical condition, and am keeping fit and healthy. As well as practicing Wing Chun, I run about 20 miles every week. I am going to run the marathon again next April so need to become fitter still to do my best!

I’m look forward to learning more next week.

Kind regards

Ian Ronayne