Wing Chun Kung Fu is a highly practical martial art, famous for its explosive speed, simultaneous attack and defence, and economy of motion.
Practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu instils a natural a natural self-discipline as well as developing your natural and physical strength. This physical strength and skill harnessed by mental discipline will allow you to remain calm in the face of aggression, yet able to control your situation and deter an aggressor when required.

The benefits you draw from Wing Chun depend upon what you aim to achieve.

  • Close combat fighting skills.
  • Mental strength, composure and self-discipline.
  • Self-defence
  • Improve physical strength. agility and fitness.
  • Increase self-confidence and positive energy.
  • Stress relief

“When you are facing a serious threat, there is no time for thought, Wing Chun teaches you to react automatically and without fear*

Mr Perry 32, IT Consultant

“Wing Chun Kung Fu will teach you the fundamental principles of the disciplines, demonstrating its effectiveness in all aspects of martial arts, not just physical combat. It is a tool that empowers you in many areas of your life by training you to locate and focus your mental and physical strength to face up to and overcome difficulties and fear. the Simon Lau Centre course will also teach you about the ancient Chinese philosophy which lies in the route of all martial arts.”

Miss Chelsea 28, Solicitor

Absolutely: What you draw from the discipline depends on what you want to achieve. Some students want to develop strength and agility, others want to improve self-confidence though robust self-defence skills..

“Wing Chun is perfect for women as it does not rely on brut strength, but uses speed and angles to re-direct an attackers force. Women will find Wing Chun techniques perfectly suited to their build and frame.”

Miss Patel 31, Recruitment Consultant

Wing Chun Kung Fu provides a total body workout that produces quick improvements in fitness and strength.

“Wing Chun is such a fascinating and exciting art, I have the motivation to practice regularly.”

Miss Yates 22, Personal Trainer

No. Master Lau has many years experience teaching martial arts and will develop each individuals skills according to their ability.

“Students are allowed to progress at a steady and are never thrown i at the deep end. The aim is always to improve minds and bodies not injure them.”

Miss Price 25, Personal Assistant