The Simon Lau Centre is no ordinary martial arts centre. Master Lau has been teaching for over 40 years and has dedicated his life to cultivating mind, body and spirit. The Simon Lau Centre is run with the same discipline that has enabled Master Lau to have such a successful career: Cleanliness and Respect are paramount to this calm and tranquil learning environment.
As a result, Wing Chun Kids at The Simon Lau Centre are no ordinary children’s martial arts classes. As opposed to teaching children a style of martial arts; Wing Chun kids aims to

  • Highlight the importance of co-operation & Harmony
  • Facilitate the development of self worth & confidence
  • Utilise fun & engaging methods to support & encourage involvement
  • Practice the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Develop Mental & Physical Fitness & Conditioning


Providing the following outcomes:

  • Enjoyment – Have fun meeting new Challenges, Learning & Improving
  • Achievement – Feel Proud & Confident
  • Self Worth – Learn Responsibility
  • Health – Body feels Alive & Utilised
  • Belonging – Be a part of something Unique
  • Self Defence – Learn Assertive Behaviour, Confidence & Ability to Protect yourself

The structure of the classes has been designed to not only promote health and fitness but also to provide an engaging and productive learning environment for children, with just as high an emphasis being placed on mental learning as well as physical. Master Lau believes that the cultivation of a young person’s mind is vital.