Dear master

I am grateful for all the knowledge I have been giving during the modules. Not only knowledge of Wing Chun System but the wisdom about living art and how to live life in a positive way. Thank you for putting relevant subjects in your teaching.

– Antonia

Dear Sifu,

It has been just over four years since I have started my education with you. During this time I have been taught invaluable lessons about applying myself (mentally as well as physically) to challenging situations. I have been practising the three forms and 600 punches daily for six months now even though I struggle sometimes to keep my focus as I perform them first thing in the morning after getting up.

I have learned so much during my time with you but also acknowledge the path that still lies ahead of me. To this end I hope that I will be able to remain your student for years to come.

Kind regards,

– Gregor

Dear Sifu,

I’m sad to say that I will not be able to make the class this coming Tuesday evening. I have work commitments that I cannot change.

I have not missed a single day of training since our class last Tuesday – I’ve been doing 800 punches and 2 forms every day, as well as some other training. I can now do 2 forms and 800 punches in under 15 minutes. I feel brilliant doing this – more disciplined, alive and more aware of myself generally.

I will continue to train every day until next Tuesday – if I miss a day I will bring in 5 (good quality) apples to the next class.

I’m feeling very fit right now. I am running the London Marathon (26.2 miles) in just under 2 weeks time (Sunday 13th April) and so I’ve also been doing a lot of running every week, which I’m very happy about. Your teaching about discipline being the food of dignity is very relevant to me – thank you.

Kind regards,

– Ian

Dear Sifu,

Whilst I am writing – I’d also like to say that I greatly value the time I spend in your lesson. There are very few people from whom we can learn to such high levels – physically and mentally. I am still trying very hard to pay attention more in all I do after your lecture on ‘appreciation’. Every time I return from my Kung Fu lesson, I pass the information onto my son. He is only 13 but he remembers everything! Whenever I have a moment to myself – I reflect on the things I’ve learnt..

I look forward to seeing you next week,

best wishes,

– Jason

Dear Sifu,

Last nights lesson was very good insight and very inspiring and can relate to my present experience and will practice to aim to improve myself and understanding the reasons I may feel at any given moment. Particularly the last few weeks , I have been more aware of myself releasing that something I am about to learn and understand clear which I believe I have known for long time but have not aloud myself.

I know that this is very good and feels right. I am beginning to feel peace inside and claim when I realize this. What I am defendant about is the years I have been learning from your teaching is guiding my path now and for the great wonderful future.

Thank you for your expiring teaching.

Kind Regards


Dear Sifu

We are extremely proud to have you as our Master.

The photographs on the posters are really scary in a positive way, with your physics and art perfection I am sure no one can beat that!

A new week has soon ended and my physical challenge for every day, with the three forms and all wooden dummy sets, are being a part of my daily life. I also challenge my students every week, to do some exercise at home every day and of course I have to do it too!

My mental training and the way I think need to be changed in to the right direction, and your last email was so good. Thank you Sifu!


– Tommy

Hi Sifu,

I’m sorry, but unfortunately I will not be able to come and support the grading on Thursday. I live in Bristol, which is more than 2 hours drive from you, and work commitments will make it impossible for me to make the journey to London on Thursday evening.

I sincerely hope the grading goes well for everyone.

May I take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy learning the Wing Chun technique with you. I also am inspired by your wise words and insights into how to lead a more healthy and happier life. I’ve been quite lucky in life so far, and am naturally a positive person, but there are many bad habits I need to unlearn, changes to face, and challenges to make!

I wish I still lived in London and could come to classes twice a week to learn more, but unfortunately my situation makes this difficult at the moment!

Look forward to learning more next week.

Kind regards,

– Ian Ronayne

Dear Sifu,

I am writing to say thank you for Friday’s class. I found your philosophies on Wing Chun and technique very insightful, and i enjoyed the session very much. I found the movements very different to the Fujian white crane kung fu that i was studying before and so i fear i will have to break old habits.

I anticipate next Friday’s class and look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,

– James Nianias

Dear Master

Thank you for the wooden Dummy weekend.

It was a tough weekend for us students, so it must have been really tough for you to teach us all in so short time.

The reading was valuable, took some time to digest the information!

It is always a pleasure to learn more about true self.

Thank you for helping me on my personal journey!

Best Regards

– Johan Sjölund


I had gone to Wing Chun classes when I was at university (although a poor imitation of what I am being taught now!), and had always meant to start again when I came to work in London, but drifted along without going somewhere regularly.

I knew that as part of my new journey to live my life differently I wanted to ensure I got my life in balance better, and so ensure that I focused less on my work and focus on the things I have found positive in my life. I came to your seminar in April last year and knew immediately that I had found what I was looking for.

In the past I had tried a few classes that focused solely on the physical without dealing with the mind as well. I find your philosophy with your Buddhist background so comforting, and realise more and more that many aspects of our hectic busy lives are out of balance if we don’t take the type of whole body, mind approach to life that you talk about.

I haven’t explained some of this very well, but I just wanted to tell you how much I value your teaching, both physical and mental, and how this has contributed to me moving from a lost, damaged person to someone that is so much more at peace with themselves and all the time learning better how I want to live my life.

Thank you Sifu.

– Barney

Dear Sifu,

Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to learn the Wing Chun Martial Art at the Simon Lau Centre.

I never imagined when I first started at the Simon Lau Centre how much I would enjoy learning about Wing Chun. Even after being a student for some years I really look forward to each lesson and feel disappointed with myself if I miss one. I find your teaching both motivating and inspiring, and I find I am always left with a feeling of admiration after watching you demonstrate your Wing Chun techniques with such power, grace and speed.

I have been a student for some years and I still scratch my head and wonder how you maintain such a high standard of Wing Chun over many years. It must be due your unshakable discipline and unwavering determination.

I continue to be thankful for the opportunity to learn from a Wing Chun teacher who has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

– Mike Clarke

Dear Master

First I want to thank you for letting us to stay at the centre. It has been a really pleasant stay. I want to thank you for an inspiring and motivating instructor course, it has opened my eyes for what Wing Chun can help me on my journey, I am really excited about moving forward in my Wing Chun training,. Thank you for the personal report you gave me. I have taken on the 15 min challenge.

I hope I see you at the summer camp in Sweden.

Warmest regards

– Fredric Olausson

Dear Master Simon Lau.

I’m writing to tell you about my thoughts about the instructor course. I hope you believe me when I say that this word comes from my heart. I thought that both courses were very heavy, but extremely valuable for me, not only for my Wing Chun career and my teaching but also for my future life. I have a huge respect for you as a teacher and as a person and I hope you are aware of that. I really think I’m lucky to have you as a teacher and I thank you for every time you share your knowledge. If you could understand Swedish (or if I was better in English) this feedback letter would be four times longer…

I hope to see you in the autumn, because I can not come to your summer seminaries in Sweden.

Yours Sincerely

– Christian Fogelberg

Dear Sifu

Firstly, I like to say how enjoyable and informative tonight class was.

I shall be practising with new insights this week! The last year spent under you’re guidance has been exceptionally for filling personally and to pass the grading with best effort in the spirit you inspire, feels like a very special achievement. And ideally I would be taking this step with you to push my potential further. It was in 1984 when, as a 13 year old martial arts student avidly watching the BBC television series “The Way Of The Warrior”, and decided then that this was the style for me – and that one day I might get to London and train with Simon Lau…….

– Carl

Dear Sifu

I have thoroughly enjoyed that last two years of training under your tutelage, in addition to the three years I spent with you in the early to mid nineties, but I would appreciate information regarding any Sunday technique classes as have been arranged in the past (I know that you have arranged breaking seminars on Sundays and would particularly be interested in attending similar courses in the future should any occur).

– Colin Rance

Dear Sifu

I wish to express my gratitude for the last 4 years of Wing Chun tuition at the Centre. I have learnt an enormous amount from your teaching; both the practical nature of Wing Chun and it’s under philosophical context, thank you again for your patient and inspiring teaching.

– Robert Law

Dear Sifu

Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting seminar. As a woman I find the whole philosophy surrounding Wing Chun helps me feel more positive. In the west we are constantly told that growing older is something to be regretted, and yet in Wing Chun the possibility of growing in wisdom and skill makes one see that a life well lived can become increasingly meaningful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences, it is very much appreciated.

– Joanna Healing

Dear Master

First of all I would like to thank you for the last time I met you when we were having the instructor course in May. It was very rewarding, as always. I have thought a lot about the things you said about being happy and lucky. And to-day I am a very lucky man. I have love in my life and I can appreciate it a lot more now than a couple of years ago, when I had not met you. The information I have received from you is far more valuable to me than anything that I have ever learned in school or in my work or studies. I try to practice some of the things I have learned as often as possible and I feel that I have been able to pass on some of my knowledge to others, which also feels very good. I am very grateful for everything that I have learned from you. Thank you.

– Martin Samuelsson

Dear Master

I just wanted to say that you have been a great source of inspiration for me in my path of martial arts. I am learning Wing Chun at your Centre in Gothenburg. And it is like nothing I have ever tried. Great Centre!

I find your way of life and your philosophy to be truly fantastic and when ever my discipline or fighting spirit would fail me, your words have always inspired me to continue my training. I have found that your philosophy does not only encounter martial artist but everyday people. It has among other things helped me to get through school and I have kept my grades at a high level, which I could not do before…….. just wanted to thank you and good luck with your martial arts training. Because isn’t it true that even the best have got much to learn?

– Rikard Berle

Dear Sifu

I would like to sincerely thank you for having me as your student for almost six years, during this time I learnt a tremendous amount about myself and the martial arts and sincerely thank you for shedding the light on a significant part of my journey through life spiritually, mentally and physically. I do not use these words lightly as your guidance as Sifu played a major part in many aspect of my personal development allowing me to go about my daily activities with confident knowledge of self. As I reflect on the learning’s gained at the Simon Lau Centre I am truly grateful and your teaching will be with me everywhere I go.

– Wayne Richards

Dear Master

Thank you so much for a great seminar. I really enjoyed it. Now our organisation really has to work hard to start giving Qigong classes here in Sweden as well. Looking forward to future seminars. The motivation during the dark times of the winter is often low, but I feel that this will be a good winter. Despite the chilling cold I think I will be able to enjoy the beauty of the glistering, glimmering snow.

– Joanna

Dear Sifu

It is truly an honour for me to be training at the Simon Lau Centre. I have gained and learnt so much from you. Yes you are an outstanding Wing Chun teacher, and you do make each lesson more interesting than the last, but there is more. You have taught me about life too. I feel positive about life and myself. My own journey has become a lot more intriguing thanks to you. All my fears and uncertainties seem to have been put to rest. Training under your great wisdom aids greatly to my life, I actually feel like a better person, and am happier, and this makes me more patient and understanding toward others. When I leave your school after each session, I cannot describe the sensation I feel, but I do know it is something wonderful, which leaves me wanting more, I just want to say thank you Sifu for teaching us, and I know my journey with you will be a great one.

– Theo