I went to Simon Lau centre to have an astrology reading the first time at a very difficult time for me and my family as we lost a young person and I needed help to understand how to best be of support. The reading was not only profound and astonishingly accurate but It gave me clarity about the situation and my own Self in relationship to that situation. I didn’t really know what to expect and it was accurate, helpful and most importantly, delivered with knowledge, wisdom and compassion. And these may just sound like words when you read it but there is Huge wisdom and compassion in the readings.

For years I didn’t really understand Astrology, but with every session and every reading I have had since (many now) I see the science and art it is and it has transformed the way I interact, understand and perceive my inner and outer worlds. And my decisions are better informed as I understand my elements and those of the people around me.

Simon Lau’s readings are not just readings, they are profound life lessons.