Dear Sifu,

I thought i would send you an e mail as I have not been at your lessons for 2 weeks now.

I have created a wonderful chance for myself to design and hopefully build the grounds of a local infant and junior school.

This has become much more important to me now knowing what I have learnt from you about learning. I have the chance to create a space or spaces that young children can start learning and become energetic about there learning.

The drawings are taking a little more time than I first thought. This is why I am not at your fantastic lessons at the moment. I am still training every morning and loving it.

All this is from me making a choice and knowing that it was the right one. This gave me such piece of mind that I did not have the internal dialogue. I did not wonder what would happen next because I was solid in my beliefs that it was the right one to make. How cool is that.

I have read your letter that is on the web site about karma and choices and found it amazing .this along with your lesson where you talked about this topic has such an influence on the way that I think today. From this I challenge myself everyday to make my own choices even when people and situations try to influence me.

All this from making the right choice.

I never would be strong enough to go through what I am without your teachings. Not only do I take notes in class I read them and read them until I understand them.

This is then not enough I must apply. As my sifu you have said ’you only learn by doing’ I can’t agree enough.

I always thought that I was pushed towards the Simon Lau Centre for a reason.

Thank you Sifu and I say Sifu with the up most respect.

Sorry for the long e mail and I will be back next week. ‘The drawings need to be in on Friday and I need to present them to the head mistress. Thank you Sifu.

All My Respect

Carl Currier