Dear Sifu,

My training is going well. I am now doing 700 punches, 500 knife hand and 500 palm strike on my bag and am really beginning to feel my power growing which is very exciting. After what you said on Tuesday I have started doing sit-ups again and was shocked to find how weak I was. I could only do 30 to start with! I used to do over 100 every morning when I was younger.

I also wanted to thank you for the seminar last Sunday, it was truly inspirational! I took so much away from the day in terms of learning more about the transfer of force and one’s ability to absorb it. Finishing with an intense sparring session with Michael was amazing, it really showed me how fast wing chun should/can be and how much more I can and need to improve. It sent me away inspired to redouble my training efforts!

Thank-you for all your teaching, especially your wise philosophical discussions about how to live one’s life. Over the last 2 and a bit years I have gained so much from being part of your centre.

Best wishes