Dear Sifu

I attended the first form grading today and I listened to what you had to say.

For the time I have been lucky enough to spend with you in Wing Chun and Qigong classes, I consider myself very fortunate. You have made me become a better person emotionally, morally and spiritually and I have also been fortunate to be learning Wing Chun from you. I will never be able to express in words how much the opportunity of learning from you has changed me – I am constantly reminded when you said in one lesson that the knowledge you give us about emotions and morality and life can be used every day, but the Wing Chun knowledge may never be used – this is definitely true in my case and it has made me more in touch with my emotions and the way I behave and about life in general.

In addition to this you have also been kind enough to help me when I have been ill, and when you helped me the medicine you gave me helped me to recover in a much shorter space of time than I would have if I did not ask you for help. I would also like to thank you for this.

I also remember in one lesson you mentioned in the class that the students who have been there longer said that the knowledge you have is best given in little bits because when it is given all in one go it is hard to digest – as time has gone by I have found this to be also very true. The words you say – for example taking for granted the people closest to us are very relevant to your students lives and what I have also noticed is that you exactly seem to talk about the right things at the right time – when that subject is having an impact in your students lives !

I also wanted to say although I also failed my first form grading, the passing of your knowledge of Wing Chun to your students is appreciated and understood Sifu. As I watched the people being graded today, although I did not know exactly who was going to fail or pass I could see and understand where the students had to improve and at the same
time where I also needed to improve.

You ARE a good teacher and person Sifu and I value the time we spend together and the knowledge that you give – in all subjects.

Thank you.