Dear Master Lau.

Last weekend was great. Thank you for teaching the dummy. It was extraordinary to watch you move, show and tell about the dummy training.

It was an interesting grading. You have been telling us before about the female who has easier to express the artistic side of them self. I have never understand it until now. I think myself has a lot to learn from this artistic impression that I saw from the female students, especially Cecilia.

You can not imaging what a great honour it was to be sharing a dinner with you. The things you said was exactly what I needed to hear and my relationship with my girlfriend is now growing even stronger every day.

I´m smiling to myself when I write this letter/feedback. I´m feeling very happy and lucky to have such a humble Master in life as you, who teach me with honesty and inspiration, and taking such a great care to me as a student. To learn from you is priceless and I could never imaging myself to sharing a dinner with you.

Hope to see You soon.


Christian Fogelberg