Dear Tommy

I wish we could have such inspiring seminars more often and on a regular basis, as it is not only about learning how to place Bong / Tan Sau, but to understand why and get a chance to develop oneself on another level really.

I am really thankful for this seminar and this experience. As said by Master Lau (but in my word here), a gift is not about what it contains or what is given, but about what the intention of the giver was. I received this seminar as a gift. For the past nine months, Wing Chun Kung fu has been a tremendous gift, as a help to handle life stress, as a way to activate my body, as a way to learn new way of thinking, as a support when it comes to external forces which I cannot control. This is really fantastic in my view that I can feel this way after this seminar. Real peace of mind and control (in a way!) of my thoughts.

Have a very nice sunny weekend.

Kind regards