Set in the beautiful grounds of the Gunnebo Castle in Sweden the external environment was all set for the day’s training and lectures. In the morning the students arrived and had a practical training session to get grip of the technical aspects of their Qigong practice.

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During the lunch break the Students and Master Lau ate a delicious lunch consisting of locally grown food. In the afternoon session the students focused on cultivating the Qi. With an excellent external environment to train in now the students needed to match it with a positive internal environment.

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Under Master Lau’s experienced guidance the students must first learn not to let their ego directing the process of their training and find a way to discover the nature of the mind and achieve true human potential. Connecting their breathing with the Universe until the universe energy and their energy begin to merge.


When they are in the Qigong state, (they are relaxed, concentrated, at lease with themselves with good posture, and breathing effortlessly.) the results were phenomenal despite the short period of time the students had been training. Many students actually experienced the effects of the energy cultivation during their afternoon session with Master Lau.

One example was a student who experienced a very strong hot burning sensation on the soles of her feet. Another student found her self filled with a profound sense of love that she had not felt before. It is a testament to Master Lau’s teaching that the students were so successful in being able to disengage their ego and achieve a state of harmony and peace of mind that allowed the Qi to flourish.

The success of the students in experiencing the energy in their training was only matched by the voracity and enthusiasm of their questions during the Q&A session in the late afternoon after tea break. The demand for knowledge from the students was intense.

Clearly in this day and age there is a strong demand from society for knowledge to help people live their daily life in a more positive way and find a solution to combat the modern lifestyle that has become so selfish at the expense of happiness. It is exactly this kind of suffering from status anxiety and relationship problems that Master Lau’s teaching is so effective at giving people the self power to start making choices that lead them towards a more positive mental attitude and far greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for life.

Learn how the ego self to be made compatible with the nature self, the conditioned self to be able to merge and become harmonious with your living, working and social

Qigong Course Feedback….

To Master Lau

I wished to send you my thanks concerning the Qigong seminar from last week-end. The spring seminar was a real discovery and really appreciated. This time it became a complement with more in-depth explanations and examples to understand how and why to use certain movements. As mentioned to Magnus & Elisabeth, it is always a great pleasure and experience to participate to your seminar and take part of your knowledge on those matters related to Kung Fu, Qigong and more.

In brief, this seminar was fun and amazing. When we finished at 6:00PM or so, I felt being so full with energy. I am used to be a bit tired after a long day listening to someone (independently if the topic is or not of interest for me). But here it felt like I had rested in an efficient way! Quite strange indeed such a feeling! Even during the day after it felt like the energy was still flowing. The following days I continued to do the movements and it felt great. (I have to recognize that finding time is the biggest challenge so far! But when wanting to achieve something, action and time have to be taken! simplest answer: make time to do so!).

Concerning the place (Gunnebo castle), I found it really appropriate. Calm and peaceful. The arrangement of the day with the food and so was great (really good food!) A little minus however which I already mentioned to Elisabeth concerned the big windows in the room. It was great with such light during all day long, but unfortunately was attracting as well people passing by, which was a bit of a disturbance (when they look, comment, look again : ) But I understand that in such a room it is difficult to avoid it (except if closing the curtains, but then the whole point with the light coming in is lost!)

I would also have appreciated to be able to take notes during the time you were talking. I usually remember much more when I write down (even if not reading the notes afterwards). During the Spring seminar we were able to sit and write (and it become quite a lot at the end!). Now it felt that the brain got so much, but most of it is locked somewhere, waiting for a “trigger”. Nevertheless we were able to take notes during the final discussion session and I remember this part best.

I would be really interested in hearing when the next Qigong seminar is thought to take place, especially after you explained us that we got for the moment only an understanding of the opening movements but were missing the closing part.

Thanks again for this seminar

Kind regards

Karima Makrof

Simon Lau centre, Gothenburg (Sweden)