The Snake Years: 巳 Snake 蛇

1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

The Snake Character:

The Snake is endowed with an innate wisdom. He is a mystic in his own right and often holds deeply religious or psychic and superstitious beliefs that don’t always parallel his sophisticated and upright demeanour.

He prefers to rely on his own judgement instead of taking other peoples advice and therefore has weaker communication skills. He will always do what he thinks to be right. His life will adhere to his karmic path and either ends in tragedy or triumph as his past actions dictate.

When the Snake’s anger is aroused his hatred can be limitless and incessant. He can be calculating in mind with the staying power and patience to wait to take his revenge until the time is right.

Tension affects the Snakes digestive and nervous systems more than his skin. Underneath their flawless good looks many succumb to stomach ulcers and nervous breakdowns from bottling up their stresses.

The snake Lady is a serene beauty who will mesmerize people with a confident and collected manner. She loves jewellery and well cut clothes classic in design. Authentic jewels such as diamonds, pearls and rubies of the best quality attract her. She is ostentatious and would rather go without than accept second best, imitations are unattractive to her. Snake people love good food, music, theatre and books and will gravitate towards the finer things in life.

In times of trouble the Snake is a pillar of strength maintaining his presence of mind with a profound sense of responsibility and an unshakeable sense of purpose. This focus with their natural hypnotic charisma takes snake people to the highest realms of power.