The Rooster Years: 酉 Rooster 雞

1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

The Rooster Character:

The Rooster person is rapidly abrupt, talkative, organized and decisive. He can be super critical to the point of rudeness keen to prove he is right sometimes with little regard for the feelings of others. He loves arguing and debating where he can show how knowledgeable and smart he is. When negative he is opinionated and always 100 per cent right in his own mind and closed to others opinions.

Roosters are fascinated by accounting and will budget everything including his time, your time, the mailman’s time and the company time counting every penny wisely. When a Rooster spends lavishly it is to appease his oversize ego and attract attention. He is particularly impressed with awards and accomplishments of all kinds seeking out medals and honorary titles. The Rooster will always try and win at least one award.

The Rooster is usually sincere in his desire to help others and means well in his endeavours. At times his positive intentions can come on too strong narrowing his mind to the views of others.

The Rooster is a tireless worker progressing through life with his hard working nature. The colourful but controversial Rooster will never fail to make an impression on you. You will either be enchanted by the rooster and grow to love him immensely or you will simply be unable to bear the sight and sound of him.