I had been searching for Master Lau’s Academy for some time. I had been taught the martial arts by one of his former students and after a fruitless search to the old premises situated in Little Albany Street was fortunate to find an article about him in a then recent issue of Combat martial arts magazine. The article centred on something called “Qigong”, but since I was only interest in studying Wing Chun I did not take much notice of the scope of the article instead concentrating on the fact that I had now established contact.

Eight months after commencing my Wing Chun studies yet another Qigong course was about to start. I do not recollect making a conscious decision to start training Qigong, only that I attended the first seminar and have continued to attend since. So, as to why I started practicing I must admit that I don’t know – not because I can’t remember, but, rather because it just happen.

Not having been the most diligent of students I was unsure as to the importance that my “case study” would have. In the thirteen months since I have been practising Qigong I make no claims as to regular daily practice. For the greater part of the first six months I was merely ticking over in as much as I was only attending classes and perhaps only doing the homework once or twice per week, but, on a very casual basis. Over the months such things have affected me to change myself as a person and affect my life as a whole that I cannot curse myself enough for having wasted all this time.

Even right at the start the Qi energy affected me. On the very first lesson we were told simply to relax by focusing our energies on the areas of tenseness within. I can still remember the painful feeling, unlike anything before experienced, of my stomach as I relaxed it. Unperturbed by this occurrence I returned the second week and the third feeling great because I was so relaxed (not only during the lessons, but, throughout the whole fortnight). Several days after the third lesson I had occasion to weight myself and found I had lost half a stone. My diet had not changed significantly, and I was doing no more exercise than usual, it just seemed that I was digesting my food that much more easily.

Nothing of note (that is remembered) happened for some time after that. Sifu (teacher) taught us Don Gong – the moving exercises – and Jin Gong – the stationary mental exercises – and had told us that if our Qi energy moved us while practising Jin Gong then we should let it move us as this was the third stage, that of Ji Fa Gong. About eight weeks into the course I found my left arm was floating up and down and for some weeks the Ji Fa Gong continued with just my left arm moving – nothing else. Eventually Ji Fa Gong took hold of my whole body and each time I practiced I found that I was merrily “dancing” as soon as I entered the Ji Fa Gong stage of the lesson.

About this time I found there were changes happening to me outside of the lesson, especially concerning my gait and posture with my spine continually wanting to correct itself by straightening out. Also I found I was able to taste food simply by looking at it and rather than eating things just for the sake of it I found I would search out things that I had a particular craving for. My friends thought I was the first pregnant!!! I also found that I had the desire and determination to finish things that I started, whether it be work or food or anything which occupied my time, and it was much easier for me to concentrated on the job at hand rather than my mind wandering from thought to thought. I have also started viewing others from a different perspective and sometime, almost immediately upon seeing someone, I am confronted with the overriding thought that they are unhealthy. It amazes me that so much time and effort is spent on their appearance whilst they abuse the inside of their bodies – excusing an unhealthy life style on “the good life”.

The most outstanding thing has now started to happen to me whilst in the Ji Fa Gong stage when training at the Centre. After I have entered the Ji Fa Gong stage I have found that I approach other member of the class and I ‘heal’ them. Of those questioned apparently not all felt my physical presence or the physical contact, but, instead just the energy from where I had touched them or brushed past them. Subsequently, I have now started to chant monosyllables, an act which seems to make my whole body softly shudder during which a sort of warmth floods over me – one not of heat as such, but rather, of a sense of being or existing.

I am now more disciplined with my training because I prefer the continuous feeling of well being that comes with the regular practice, and now barely a day goes by without at least one session.