One and a half year ago I was trying to recover from an operation. I felt and looked much older than my years. My energy was extremely low. I found time in my very busy life to study Qigong.

I still have little time for my self but the quality of the time spend working has made my days enjoyable instead of sheer angry by practicing Qigong.

With our new form of more advanced Qigong we have all found the feeling of energy much stronger. My most recent and remarkable experience was Qigong pain relief. I had a terrible pain after eating accompanied by a headache. I could hardly stand. I tried Qigong and it worked. The Ji Fa Gong moved my cupped hands along the area of pain. I could actually feel the pain move like a ball inside and then my hands parted and held my back and stomach pouring heat into the painful area. The problem melted away completely in minutes. The experience was wonderful as well as a great relief.

Both my partner and I practise Qigong. Personally my initial feelings were of great unwinding and relaxation. My Ji Fa Gong was so quiet and gentle I was worried because my partner was the opposite. My worries were short lived. After three months I began to notice an important in my hair and skin. The most noticeable bonus from the beginning was great sex! Which never fails to amuse me as it continues to get better even on a bad day. As well as healing old injuries Qigong has calmed my mind and leaves it freer to feel and see what is really going on. Not only in my self but in others too. Instead of letting things go by I now really enjoy a much better quality of life.

Qigong continues to work on healing old skiing and riding accidents to my neck and legs which I sustained many years ago but caused nagging pain over the years. Now they seem to have disappeared almost entirely.