My first real progress began once I had a basic understanding of the second sets of movements. I had previously had some difficulty with the original five sets.

Because of my general lack of basic fitness ad motility I found some movements very uncomfortable. I did however find that once I began to study and practice martial arts and the fitness training that goes with it, I began to notice improvements very slowly at first then more so as I began to practice the new movements. The real surprise for me came when I had learnt the new standing position, which I found was very comfortable, and allowed me to focus more intensely on the necessary area without the distractions of shoulder and back pain. What was once difficult and sometimes painful was now becoming pleasurable. I persevered for several weeks practicing on most evenings, then, toward the end of one of the classes, on the eve of learning the new Ji Fa Gong I felt my hands and upper body pulled over to the left, and my hands coming to rest gently but firmly on the side of my body. I was not sure what had happened, but on one following evening things became very clearer, as the movements during Ji Fa Gong seemed to have a very definite purpose.

“I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today”.

My attitude towards my-self, and towards all living creations has changed, is changing at the most profound level. What was once a purely intellectual understanding of the philosophy and life style that I had chosen to lead was now, is now becoming a deeper understanding of the spiritual unity what shares the force of life.

As I began moving during Ji Fa Gong I noticed that specific areas were “for want of a better word” being targeted, my shoulders were being pulled, pushed and stretched in every direction, my upper and lower back were being pulled and twisted in every direction. At times the pain was almost too much to bear, until suddenly the movement became so delicate, like the path of a gentle breeze through a tall tree.

After perhaps half an hour of sitting, enjoying almost weightless feeling that always follows, I realised that all tension had gone from my upper body and that my lower back, though still a little painful was more relaxed and easy I knew when that Chi had worked on these areas specially to relax me more during the cultivating movements, opening up one energy channels that have probably been blocked since childhood.

It has only been a short time since I have discovered this, but now time seems very precious and I can sometimes find enjoyment in the most basic of tasks such as seeping the floor or shopping for foods although I will say that if I feel bad on the odd day that I miss Qigong practice, then I rely do feel bad. But when, that was probably how I felt all the time before I started practicing Qigong. And all I have to do to feel better is to spend an hour as soon as I can get away from what I am doing to practice Qigong.

Chi is always with me and every time I stop what I am doing for a few minutes I can feel it, working somewhere within my body.

Every time I stretched my arms, legs, or back, then I feel it massaging and pulling me deeper and painlessly in to the movement. I know that I still have a long and may be difficult path ahead of me, but as a wise old man once wrote a journey of a thousand mile starts under one’s own feet. I feel that through the practice of Qigong and also the martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu I am now beginning to re-discover my self. “My own true nature”.

I would like to thanks Sifu (teacher) for his patience with a sometimes difficult student, and for the precious knowledge he imparts my self and my fellow students.