I have been doing Qigong for 2 years now and am still benefiting from all the effects that I noticed in the first year, but there are also some new reactions.

When doing Ji Gong and focusing on Dantin I often sense pains or a sick feeling deep inside these sensations are not very bad and go by the time I finish Ji Fa Gong and in fact the sounds or movements made during the latter seem to be working on the pains and cure it. Mainly because of this I feel I really need to practice everyday – in the same way that I need sleep or food. At other times I am extremely relaxed, doing Ji Gong, and see slow waves of light pulsating and feel as if some kind of drug is being released in my body. I have never felt so deeply relaxed and soothed as when this happens.

Recently I have had physical reactions after practicing – such as an itchy eye, very hot feet, a blotchy trash or swollen joints. These usually only last about a day.

Some days my energy level is low and I am very aware of this and feel like resting, not eating and am slightly depressed emotionally. I notice these things much more and can see how energy levels, physical reactions and emotions are interconnected. Generally Qigong is still having a calming effect on my emotions and in particular I find I can remain calm even when other people around me are very agitated or angry. I am much more detached from their emotions and also less critical and more tolerant of their behaviour. This feeling of detachment also applies to my own emotions and gives me more control over them. I feel that I can’t be bothered to get upset or angry – it would waste too much energy.

Another very positive effect is that I am more creative and Qigong has completely altered the way I draw and paint. Before I did Qigong I enjoyed painting, drawing etc but did not have any original ideas. Everything I drew or painted was copied from something outside my self – from life, a photograph, other works of art etc. Since doing Qigong all my drawings and designs have come from inside and are completely unlike the things I was drawing before. When I draw now I do not know what I am going to draw beforehand and do not deliberately try to draw anything but just start drawing and a picture or pattern emerges by itself. This method of drawing is more childish but much more enjoyable and original.