I began Qigong lessons with Master Lau about 1991. A close friend of mine told me about the lessons and I was immediately enthralled.

At the time I was looking for “something else” I felt a certain kind of restlessness. I was not totally satisfied with having a good life working and playing. I considered transcendental meditation, but it appeared too stationary for me. I have always had masses of energy. Buddhism appealed but I didn’t feel totally comfortable about the restrictions of a religions.

When I first met Master Lau he could see that I was in a bit of a mess. Too much work, too much drink, bad living and an unhealthy body. I started private lessons with the intention of joining a class.

In the beginning I found it was difficult when practising my arms ached, my body became stiff and sore. My mind was jumping, skipping and I running around hundreds of thoughts, and I had to do this every day! I knew quite quickly that I had to learn discipline and achieve a relaxed state of concentration. Over time this has gradually improved.

I have probably been quite slow to progress I knew that I had to trust Master Lau for this to be worthwhile. I found it a little strange to be closing something “new” that I couldn’t directly relate to the closest I could get to was that I was treating myself with Shiatsu, but this was much more powerful.

I enjoy the classes. Master Lau’s briefings help in the development and understanding of Qigong. Every week I learn something new. Sometimes the classes give me a complete feeling of relaxation and joy. There will always be a long way to go, but to feel this good makes it worthwhile.

The changes in me have been gradual yet dramatic noticeably I am much calmer. Sometimes I even struggle to hurry. At one stage I could only walk slowly even when I was late for a meeting I couldn’t rush, just walk softly and purposefully.

My body is now better balanced. I am more stable and confident. My mind is clearer and more concise in thought. My capability for work has improved whilst my concentration level and clarity of thinking are much better.

I am now less of a moody person. The ups and downs of daily life are more level. I am becoming less clinical and more accepting of people.

My physical health has also improved. Rarely do I suffer colds and flu. Both my weak knee and back pains are showing signs of improvement which is very pleasing.

I was always very private about Qigong and never told any body anything about it. Now I am more open yet it remains very personal. I have no doubts about Qigong and the strengths within it. I must just practise regularly.