Dear Master Lau

I would like to share some of the experiences that I had during Qigong practice.

I have been able to practice on daily basis for a little while. I let Zi Fa Gong out for about 30 minutes every time. I feel that my practice is getting better every day.

My concentration is stronger and there are not as many disturbing thoughts. Especially during Zi Fa Gong. I feel more relaxed, concentrated and calm. Zi Fa Gong generally is “soft” and “beautiful”. I am often standing on one leg stretching the other leg in the air. Often I find myself walking around in the room with my arms seemingly collecting energies from different spots and directions. Sometimes I can feel sudden changes in the air surrounding my arms as they pass by close to my body. I can feel a certain kind of love to myself, my body and life during these sessions.

I definitely live my everyday life very different now, from what I did a year ago. It is a dramatic change, but it does not feel dramatic at all. Many things seem so obvious now.

I have noticed that in some environments, close to some people I feel really bad. Drained of all joy and happiness. I notice it. When I come home to my apartment I usually find my inspiration soon again. I feel that I can get a bit frustrated or is easily annoyed spending time with certain people.

Yesterday I had an interesting Zi Fa Gong experience. I have had a slightly burning sensation every now and then at the lower part of the left side of the chest. This feeling has been there for a few years. It seemed as if my arms were collecting energies and getting warmer. Then my arms forced the energy into the burning area. I could feel the energy flowing through the body into my legs and through my back. Then I released a deep breath of inhaled air. I felt so good.

After, I sat down for half an hour just waiting. There was an unusual strong feeling of energy in my body. I also felt something that reminded me of needles put into my skin, in my face and hands. Like Acupuncture.

I love the practice. I love the time that I spend with it. I really want to develop Qigong further. I think that it is of enormous value to me and a great tool in my life.

Thank you once again for teaching this method.

Johan Osterlin (Sweden)