The single greatest tool that we can all access to help us connect to our true lives is paying attention, or the cultivation of conscious awareness, which call mindfulness.

Mindfulness is how we connect to the reality of “What is” when we are mindful, we are better able to see the reality of any situation.  This is called “Clear Vision”

In the hectic world we all inhabit, it seems almost impossible to be mindful all the time.  We live in yesterday or tomorrow.  When we lose the present moment, we lose our place in life.

Choiceless awareness

I am not talking only about our worldly possessions; I am talking about attitudes.  You can choose to just notice the anger without judging whether it is good or bad.  It simply is.  This is what is known as “Choiceless awareness”.  It means you are able to be aware of what is happening without necessarily making judgements or having preferences.  You don’t have to react.  This gives you the time to consider the bigger picture.  It gives you the time to remember your highest intentions and purpose.

Remember that no matter how strong your feeling is, nothing remains the same.  The feeling will change, and another will take its place.

Spiritual healing

The large part of your spiritual work is finding ways to heal these feelings of isolation in ourselves and in those we meet.  We do this by placing a value on developing deeper connections as a way of enriching our lives.

The spiritual path isn’t just about explicit religious formalities, rites, and rituals.  Most of it is simply about learning how to live an enlightened, loving life, day to day.  The day to day antidote to loneliness is connection.

When we feel accepted, we feel as though we belong

Spiritual value

All beings are equal to you in their wish for happiness.

And their desire to overcome suffering.

The true spiritual progress

If we wish to lessen the power of negative emotions, we must search for the causes and that give rise to them.

The loving heart is our share of the true, good and beautiful something genuine to cherish and venerate.

Mindfulness Seminar at Simon Lau Centre on this Sunday 29th October at 11am.