Martial Arts with Simon Lau – Journey to the West


I am well aware of the “bad press” martial arts receive and it is my intention to clean up the misunderstanding which has developed and to show how the arts can be of real practical benefit to people in all aspects of their life.

Simon Lau Martial Art for Anti-bullying at School

I am also awareness of the prevalence of anti-bullying in schools and society around the country.  Within the society at present there is a general of lack self-discipline, there is the attitude of not accepting responsibility for one’s action, oneself or others.  They have no feeling and no manner toward themselves and hence, none towards others.  Personal problems and situation are generally blamed on others.  These lead to isolation, loneliness and indifferent.  It is at this point that anger and hate are built up and the individual becomes closed in morally bankrupt, socially disabled, culturally ignorant and spiritually unaware.  But I firmly believe that through a proper education in the philosophical and physical aspects of martial arts the youth of to-day can be taught the value of human existence.

Martial Arts positive mental attitude

Our deeper understanding of training leads us to another kind of mental attitude allowing you to experience a journey of self- discovery and awareness where true potential and discovered in other areas of their lives.

Is that the human body and human mind is ultimately the most effect weapon in the world.  The physical potential of the body is enormous if we can learn to recognise it.  To understand this potential there are simple physical regimes that can overcome our fear of violence and allow us to perform in a more spontaneous way- with the way of a warrior.

Simon Lau Wing Chun Theory

Martial arts often use muscles in ways the ‘ordinary’ people do not think of in way that people would find surprising.  For example: Wing Chun techniques I introduce to the students might also include developing anticipation skills, correct body alignment, physical structure as well as mental structure and relaxing to deliver more powerful blows.

In my Wing Chun Kung Fu programme aims to tell people the truth about fighting and about real fighting requires from the body.  It also ‘re-adjusts’ the viewer ideal about their own potential of body /mind conditioning.  That will be truthful and educational.

History of Chinese Martial Arts

Long before the Silk Roads were established as a trade route between the Empires of China and Rome, the Chinese especially enjoyed the performances of acrobats from India and the eastern Mediterranean. However, there’s still an obvious and close relationship between the movements of acrobats and of practitioners of the martial arts, and a long tradition of relations between many of the fighting and performing arts the development that culminated in the sophisticated system of today.

One ingredient that is fundamental to the techniques of fighting has medical and spiritual background.  This is the deliberate use of breathing to gain strength, pose and power. Systems of breathing are still in China and are fundamental in Chinese longevity exercises.