What is the greatest suffering in life?

I tell you this one big secret, the saddest aspect of life is that we do not know how to appreciate the world! And we do not know to admire and appreciate the good points of others. The most bitter person in the world is someone who only understands the shortcomings of others. Because you only see the shortcomings of this person and only know the bad side of this situation. The break-up and the tragedy will lead to a more positive life, to realise a happy relationship/marriage is precious. Break up or separation will teach you to value love.

Love is giving

In love, you consider respect, admiration, acceptance, appreciation.

Listen what she/he has to say, no matter how irrelevant you think it is.

Support her/his beliefs, her/his passion, her/his ambitions, her/his goals. Be supportive of the things she/he decides to pursue, be it professionally or personally.

When you find a partner, you create a lot of want/desire and expectation from this person. If you have such a request you have been doomed to ‘love failure,’ because love is to give, if you continue to give love you are the winner. Why? Because spiritually love is a debt, you must pay back, if you still must take, it is impossible, if you continue to give to love, in addition being a big winner, your partner will certainly love you back, this is the truth.

Love is self-reliance

You should be self-reliant and keep yourself in the best condition every day. Keep working and keep on seeking improvement, increase wealth and have your own friends so that you are not afraid to get married or abandoned by your partner.

Love is a fanatical

Why is love hard, because in the process of our growth, all movies, all the novels are romancing love, all flaunt and describe love is great, beautiful, but no one reminded you, love is impermanence, love is a cause, Love is a debt spiritually.

Love is an obsession

everyone comes to this world, must come for love, leave for love. love is to help us to enlightenment, to help enhance the spiritual world, when you have love you will begin to understand the meaning of your own Life, begin to feel life, I encourage young people to fall in love. Life gives you time only love gives you meaning. When love comes to you, it will become part of your identity.  Love awakens the soul and brings its love in return. love will grow.  Love is magnificent.


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