Life is an art and you are the artist. You are the master craftsman, shaping your existence from the cradle to the grave. You wield the tools, dream the dreams, see the visions, draw the plans, take the time and do the work in everything you say, and think every moment of the day. When we express our true selves in everything we do, our full human potential is realized and it is uniquely our own. This potential power of ours includes all human capacities, such as, the power to understand and appreciate things, the power to create and plan, the power to choice and decide, and the power to support and courage, and the power to kindness and affection.

The life will be enriched, your spirit will rejoice and you will open up new frontiers of your life as all your expressions become the true you. Modern people are inclined to emphasize only the outcome or result of things, to interpret happiness only in terms
of material satisfaction. “Life is art” and “man’s life is a succession of self expressions” are the most powerful principles of life.