A correct posture is to create a more inspiring environment for meditation. There is a connection between the posture of the body and the attitude of the mind. Mind and body are interrelated, and inner energy or ‘Chi’ arises naturally once your posture and attitude are inspired.

You may also choose to sit on a chair with your legs relaxed, but be sure always to keep your back straight and relaxed. Your head should be balanced comfortably on your neck. It is your shoulder and upper part of your torso that carry the strength and grace of the posture, and they should be held in strong poise, but without any tension. Rest your hands comfortably covering your knees. This is called the ‘mind in comfort and ease’ posture.

If you are sitting, and your mind is not wholly in tune with your body – if you are, for instance, anxious and preoccupied with something, then your body will experience physical discomfort and difficulties arise more easily. Where as if your mind is in a calm, inspired state, it will influence your whole posture, and you can sit much more naturally and effortlessly. So it is very important to unite the posture of your body and the confidence that arises from your realization of the nature of mind.

The real glory of meditation lies not in any method but in its continual living experience of presence, in its bliss, clarity, peace, and most important of all, complete absence of grasping. The diminishing of grasping in yourself is a sign that you are becoming freer of yourself. And the more you experience this freedom, the clearer the sign that the ego and fears that keep it alive are dissolving. Slowly you will become a master of your own bliss, a chemist of your own joy. With all sorts of remedies always at hand to elevate, cheer, illuminate, and inspire your every breath and movement.