Lean smart before training hard

We know that Master Lau is not alone in feeling that the image of the Martial Arts has suffered in recent years. The late 20′h Century certainly won’t be remembered as a high point in their development. Currently it’s not a particularly well-respected profession and there remains a serious lack of quality control over instructors. Styles come and go according to the dictates of fashion and the public remain badly misinformed by the media, movies and the magazines. So much so, that many end up missing the point of Martial Arts training entirely. But the public aren’t to blame. The responsibility lies with the people they pay to teach them. Therefore it is essential that all instructors are well trained and well educated before they teach. Anyone can sell techniques. We need to aim higher with our teaching and try to inspire our students to be all they can be. Sell techniques and sooner or later we will run out of things to sell.