So often in the modern world when someone dies, one of the deepest sources of anguish for those left behind to mourn is their conviction that there is nothing they can now do to help their loved one who has gone, a conviction that only aggravates and darkens the loneliness of their grief. But this is not true. There are many, many ways we can help the dead, and so help ourselves to survive their absence.

There are ways of helping people in every conceivable situation, since there are no barriers whatever between what we can “life” and what we called “death”. The radiant power and warmth of the compassionate heart can reach out to help in all states and all realms.

It is never too late to help love one has died, no matter how long ago it was. Don’t for one moment imagine that it would be less effective for you to invoke the truth to help your dead relative than if a “holy man” prays for him/her. Because you are close to your love one who has died, the intensity of your love and the depth of your connection will give your invocation and added power. The masters have assured us: Call out to them, and the Jesus and buddhas will answer you.

Often spiritual people says that if you really have a good heart, and really mean well, and then pray for someone, that prayer will be very effective. So be confident that if your love one you love very much has died, and you pray for him/her with true love and sincerity, your prayer will be exceptionally powerful. The consciousness of your love one, when it is invoked by the

power of prayer, is able to read your minds and can feel exactly whatever you may be thinking or meditating on….

Remember too when despair menaces you that giving in to it will only disturb your love one who has died. your sorrow may even drag him/her back from the path he/her may be taking toward a good rebirth. And if you are consumed by grief, you will cripple yourself from being able to help him/her. The steadier you are, the more positive your state of mind, the more comfort you will give him/her, and the more you will enable him/her to free himself/herself.

When you are sad, have the courage to say to yourself: “Whatever feelings I am experiencing, they will all pass: even if they return, they cannot last.” Just as long as you do not try to prolong them, all your feelings of loss and grief will naturally begin to dissolve and fall away.