Fear in Martial Arts Part II

In terms of something that enriches our lives we haven’t achieved very much. To live free from fear of violence and intimidation is a prize far greater and more fulfilling than any trophy. For Master Lau supreme skill isn’t measured by the number of conflicts won but by an ability to use strategy to bend others without coming into conflict.

Given that fear of violence lies at the heart of everyone learning a Martial Art, it is strange how few activities associated with Martial Arts ever deal directly with it.

When no rules apply there simply aren’t enough techniques to cover every possible type of attack. Some would argue that that’s why you should learn as many as you can. The trouble is, the more techniques you learn the less chance you’ll have of remembering the right one during an attack. This is why there has to be more to a Martial Art than just a collection of techniques. The techniques of a traditional Martial Art are in reality tools to assist us in our aim of conquering our fear and will allow you to improve your self-confidence, and self-esteem to cultivate your assertive behavior in the face of both direct and indirect aggressive, giving you the ability to live life in a more fulfilling and spontaneous way.