Examples Of Marriage Incompatibility

The Sheep wife likes to be pampered and indulged whilst the Rat husband is more prudent and will consider his wife oversensitive and too expensive to maintain. This will cause the Sheep to view the Rat as calculating and greedy, and insensitive to her needs. Neither is openly combative, but this masks deep seated resentment which leads both parties feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.
The Horse wife is carefree, uninhibited and restless, meaning that she is too busy to settle down. The Ox husband wants a well-organised and pleasant home and cannot comprehend the Horse’s lack of devotion to him and his way of life. It will be difficult for either sign to find harmony in this relationship.
Each will question the other’s motives and notice only each other’s negative traits. The Tiger’s love for to courting disaster is at odds the Snake’s wise and practical approach. He finds her jealous, overly possessive and philosophical. The Tiger is overly generous and a spendthrift which contrasts with the financially shrewd Snake. This couple cannot accomplish much together.
This is a clash of temperaments, both stubborn individuals who are completely opposite to each other. She loves tradition, respects authority and is conservative in her behavior whilst he is non-conformist, an activist and rebellious. It will be difficult for them to find common ground in their contrasting outlook on life.
This relationship will be a battle of wills made worse as both are scheming and competitive. The Monkey is opportunistic, insensitive, conniving and set in her ways. The Snake is unforgiving and will retaliate quickly to any sleight. A tug-of war may ensue to determine who is smarter. Each seems to bring out the worst in each other with neither side ultimately benefiting.
The Dog is pleasant and easy going (as long as you keep out of his hair), whilst the Rooster is virtuous and equally sincere in her efforts. Both are discriminating and forthright, and may be easily displeased with each other’s faults. Normally they try hard to be agreeable, however, if challenged both are quick and fierce in their retaliation. She will make him feel that she is out to reform him which he will never tolerate.