Examples Of Marriage Compatibility

The Rat husband is a good provider and affectionate which are key requirements for the security conscious Ox wife. She will be dutiful, competent reliable which for the Rat means that she will love attending to his needs and keeping the home in order. Each will admire each other’s qualities and do they own fair share to make the marriage successful.
Through their courage and determination this couple will focus on and work towards a positive attitude to life and their relationship. Both are confident not to restrict each other and mature enough to trust each other. They will enjoy a very rewarding relationship.
Both are outgoing, fiery and spirited, will enjoy each other’s company. He is thoughtful and affectionate when humored. Whilst the Tiger crusades for his cause and can display unpredictability, the intelligent and practical Horse wife will direct his energies towards worthwhile and productive ventures.
Both are dedicated and inspired individuals who will strive more enthusiastically for the goals of others rather then their own. The Boar will be tirelessly devoted to the idealistic pursuits of the Tiger husband; for which he will admire her courage and purpose. She also has a taste for luxury which will influence the Tiger to become more materialistic. Both are sensual, uninhibited and passionate in love, and can brush aside minor difference to form a happy and long partnership.
Both will be reasonable and supportive of each others needs, leading to a harmonious and satisfying relationship. Even when the Dog husband feels indifferent and moody, he will be sensitive enough to recognize and provide support when she is upset or concerned. She admires his suave ways, and he can rely on her support and logical assessment of a situation or encouragement when he is feeling low.
The Dragon is ambitious, daring and impulsive, whilst the Boar is patient and supportive of both his successes and failures. He is a fighter and she is the peacemaker. They will co-operate on the achievement of their goals and both are intensely romantic. This results in a successful and stable union.