The Dragon Years: 辰 Dragon 龍

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012.

The Dragon Character:

The mighty and magnificent Dragon never ceases to enchant or stir the imaginations of their constant band of admirers. The aristocratic and proud Dragon establishes his ideals early in life and expects others to live up to his high standards. He has the potential to achieve great things, but he needs belief from others to truly perform to his maximum and capitalise on his extraordinary powers. The Dragon draws people to him with his charismatic character but any criticism will seriously dent his pride and weaken him.

The Dragon is very direct; his feelings are genuine and always straight from the heart. When he declares his love for you it is always sincere.

The Dragon female is a firm believer in equal rights for women. Anything that goes against these beliefs such as double standards and discrimination will arouse her wildest passions. Her no nonsense approach to life includes her clothing, which is functional and minimalist to allow for greater movement and as she hates to be hemmed in! Her self-esteem takes precedence, as with all Dragons she just wants your respect and will do everything in her power to get it.