The Dog Years: 戌 Dog 狗

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

The Dog Character:

The Dog person has a profound respect for loyalty. A passion for justice and fair play, he will do his best to help those he feels in need. As the symbol for justice he is very serious about his self-imposed responsibilities. The dog person will protect the interest of others more avidly than his own. Dog men and women are emotional and easily moved to tears. The Dog man will retain a childlike innocence as the years pass.

The Dog person will take people as friend or foe, winning his confidence and affections will be a gradual process. Dog people love to determine the nature of others and can only relax in your company once they have done so. Even so you can be sure he will be watching you out of the corner of his eye. His decision to trust you or not is often the final one. If he dislikes you he can be critical and emotionally cold. His bad temper and hot criticism can do a lot of damage but this is his last resort after getting nowhere with diplomacy and formal protest.

The Dog lady is a thoughtful and capable person with a warm enduring beauty who likes to form friendships slowly. Preferring simple, functional clothing she is co-operative and unprejudiced. She loves lively outdoor activity like dancing, swimming, tennis and martial arts. Dog characters like to compare likes and dislikes and exchange mutual oaths of loyalty. If you look in her little black book you will find your name engraved in gold under the heading “Friend” if you turn the page you will find the heading “Enemies”.

Dog people can easily have affairs even when married not through malice but through their innocent view of love feeling little remorse or guilt from their genuinely innocent perspective.