2014 and 2015 are the years of Wood and Fire. This is an extremely strong combination, as of course Wood keeps feeding the Fire, making it stronger. The last time this combination occurred was in 1966-1967. As so much fire represents enormous amount of heat, nature (planet Earth) has to balance it out with water and wind. So expect more extreme weather

with flooding and strong wind this year and next.

Strong heat intensifies our bad temper, impatience, intolerance. It is heating up people’s heads, leading to wars and conflicts. Japan and the US will be especially affected, as due to their positioning on the Earth they represent the Wood element. This turbulence will be happening not only on the global level, but also in our daily lives – relationships within families and at work. Those of us short of patience and tolerance are particularly at risk. We also need to pay extra attention when driving. Traditionally Fire is not good for horses, but carriages have now been replaced by cars, so the same applies to cars and driving.

Does it mean that these two coming years are bad years? No! Fire teaches us to be humble and to accept responsibility. To do this during challenging time, we need to have peace, tranquillity and calmness in our minds. Nature is the best teacher. When fire takes everything away, one is forced to change one’s ways and to have gratitude about life.

To balance this strong Fire, we need Water. Water means wisdom, compassion, kindness, flexibility, adaptability.

This calmness and peacefulness conditioning does not mean for us to withdraw from the world and concentrate on our internal peace. It is just an equipment that allows us to sail through the ups and downs of our lives, as we are sailing ahead to achieve what we want on our journey.

2015 is the year of Sheep, the Sheep were most concerned about affection, gentle and accomplishment, nourishing and thanksgiving. It is also means the year of love. Love is the most powerful tool to change the future of a society.