Bullying can be obvious – someone hitting you or threatening – but it can also be harder to pin down. Bullies will often claim that what they are doing is a joke or a game.

If in doubt, ask yourself:

If it is a joke
Is everyone laughing?
If it is a game
Is everyone enjoying it?
If it was an accident
Is anyone trying to help?

Things to Notice..?

Do you know someone who’s suffering because of bullying? If you have a friend, brother or sister who:

Hate going to certain place.
Is unhappy or feels ill at the same time every weak
Keeps losing their money and possessions
Has mysterious cuts and bruises
Has become quiet and nervous
Cries at night or in secret
Then this person might well be being bullied. Ask them sympathetically what’s wrong and tell an adult you trust about your worries.

Could you be going along with bullying?

Could you even be leading it, perhaps without realising?

Stop and think – don’t help make someone else’s life a misery

If you are being bullied. ALWAYS tell someone. You can do it quietly, picking your own moment. By telling someone, you can help yourself and other people

Ways of Coping with Bullying…

Ignore nasty comments, insults or teasing. Don’t be drawn into arguing.
Try not to show you are upset. Don’t think of yourself as a victim – you deserve better than that. You have a right to put a stop to this.
Tell a sympathetic adult – parent, teacher, relative or friend – and ask them to help.
There is safety in numbers – stay with your friends, or if that is not possible, with groups of people.
Shout “NO” and mean it. Practice in front of a mirror.
Walk tall and confidently, even if you feel scared.
Don’t fight to keep your possessions – your own safety’s more important.
Find out about self defence classes in your area. These teach you how to respond to different situations and give you confidence.
Think before you fight back – you may be making things worse.
Get away as soon as you can.
If anyone tries to make you feel bad about your race, your sex or your abilities, don’t listen. They are just showing how ignorant they are.
It is good to be an individual. If you are different in some way, be proud of it.