The Boar Years:  亥 Boar 豬

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

The Boar Character:

The Boar person is naturally popular and will make lasting and beneficial friendships during his lifetime. He seeks universal peace and collective harmony. He dislikes confrontation and won’t pour fuel onto the fire. He enjoys giving parties, joining clubs and all associated social gatherings. A quiet organizer who hates arguments and bickering, he is capable of bringing people together from many angles. His credibility and sincerity are his best assets. The male can tend to lack ambition and motivation, they are very good at starting something with a great fan fare and vigour but they are not good at finishing what they started.

A Boar person will always help you when they are able to do so, if the world is cruel to you run to a Boar. As a good listener he will welcome you and your problems with open arms, even if you are in the wrong he will never have the heart to tell you so. Instead he will do what he can without rubbing salt into your wounds because he has the biggest heart around.

If a Boar pays you a visit he won’t think twice about will help himself to your food, wine, car and clothes with a childlike innocence. If you tell him off he will not understand and respond with great disbelief and hurt. He expects you to do for him what he would willingly do for you.

The Boar lady can play the perfect hostess to her husband’s associates. Spoiling her children and always answering their calls. Her family is her pride and joy and she loves tending to them. She complains mildly as her family is a labour of love.