It Cause Misery, it Wrecks Lives, it can even Lead to Suicide…

What is bullying?

Most bullying means repeated acts of intimidation. It is deliberately carried out. It happens when a person or a group tries to dominate others who consider weaker. It always causes the victims pain.

Does it always include violence?

No. A recent survey of 2,300 six to nine year olds found the most common bullying was name-calling.

Who are the bullies?

Bullies are usually people with problems themselves. They may feel inadequate or scared and use bullying as a cover. The consequences for bullies who receive no help can be serious. Children who bully are four times as likely to become young offenders with criminal records when they leave school. Over the past 15 years bullying by girls has increased. Many reasons for this have been suggested, including even the way some styles of behaviour are promoted by pop groups.

Who are the bullied?

Bullies are quick to spot characteristics that might mark someone as being different from the crowed. How the victim behaves is crucial. If the bully gets away with the first act, he or she is likely to continue.

Is being violent back the answer?

There is no guarantee that meeting violence with violence will solve anything. It may result in the victim being excluded from school or even seriously injured..

What are the first things that someone being bullied should do?

Tell an adult. No one deserves to be bullied and speaking about it should not make the situation worse. In a recent survey, seven out of eight victims of bullying felt that speaking out made things better.

What should schools do to solve the problem of bullying?

The best thing is to stop bullying before it starts. Pupils need to discuss the subject and know how to seek help. Young people need to be taught how to solve conflicts without being aggressive.

What are the most common false ideas about bullying?

“I was bullied at school and it didn’t do me any harm.”

“You need to learn how to stand up for yourself.”

“Sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you.”

Myths like these unhelpful because they give some adults an excuse not to take the matter seriously and make victims feel that they should put up with bullying.

Why is bullying such a serious matter?

Anything that can cause young people to kill themselves must be taken seriously. For those who suffer in silence, the effects of bullying can affect the rest of their lives. Many felt their school days had been stolen from them by bullies and that they had been haunted by feelings of anxiety and bitterness ever since.