This year is the Year of the Pig. Pig has water and wood from the five elements. The Year of the Pig also represents the adventure and pleasure of tourism.

Also, this year is Yin Earth, Water and Wood. Earth represents the stomach function of the human body; it is therefore a very good time for the catering industry.

The Yin Earth is also representative of cosmetics, but also related to the skin; it will be a good time for the beauty, construction and tourism industries.

The wood element also represents the hands and feet, this will be a time that is good for Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga and other health activities.

Book and cultural events will also be prominent.

However, too much Wood element could indicate typhoons. With too much Wood, the Earth element will suffer; therefore, this may give rise to powerful earthquakes, the collapse of a great tower or the collapse of major building. The potential for natural disasters is still considerable this year. In 2019, earthquakes could be the most important natural disaster risk for many countries, in particular the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

Air travel may also be subject to accidents, with trains and cars most at risk. Riots will be a common sight and occurrence.

People must be more tolerant, grateful, creative/productive, and talk less. Life however can be good; adversity is caused by our own personality/character, and the choices that we make.

After all, this year is a year of peace.