Before anyone takes up martial arts as a sport, art or even as a way of exercising, there is always a reason for doing so and also expected benefits to be gained.

Martial arts in the form of Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by Master Simon Lau has a lot of benefits to offer society. These benefits can be categorized as following.

Moral Benifits
Social Benefits
Cultural Benefits
Spiritual Benifits
Within the society at present there is a general of lack self discipline and compassion. No one can deny the current trend of events particularly among unruly teenagers. There is the attitude of not accepting responsibility for ones actions, oneself or others. There is no compassion because they have no manner and feelings towards themselves and hence, none towards others. Personal problems and situations are generally blame

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This short illustration goes a long to show what our society is like. Most if not all of the problems can be traced back to the mental attitude, which effectively determines how situations are handled.

The martial arts is effective in helping to create a more positive mental attitude which will has the effect of aiding in character development. The benefits as laid out below allow the student to experience a journey of self discovery and awareness where true potentials are discovered in other areas of their lives.

Discipline:- There are two kinds of discipline external and internal.

(A) Training External discipline shows improved benefits in the following areas:

&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Ability to focus
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Improved confidence level
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Better and more precise decision-making
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Ability to follow instructions

(B) Training Internal discipline leads to the understanding of oneself and shows measurable benefits in the following

&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self awareness
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self development
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self realization
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self Control
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self Value
&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;Self worth

Manner and Feeling:
Training external and internal discipline creates a better mental attitude towards oneself and others. The individual is able to get on better with other people. Manner and feeling become part of the individual. The individual also learns to have compassion towards others. This inevitably makes the individual a better citizen.

This method of Master Lau’s martial arts teaching has already been introduced for the last 18 years in UK and Sweden.

As a master of martial art (Wing Chun Style ) and a healer (Qigong and Chinese Herbal Medicine). I am also aware of the prevalence of bullying in schools and colleges around the country, but I firmly believe that through a proper education in the philosophical and physical aspects of the martial arts the youth of today can be taught the value of human existence can better understand themselves and can gain a profound respect for others. In essence, I believe that this can be achieved through the development of internal and external discipline, which can be cultivated through diligent practice of the martial arts.

Simon Lau Centre is keen to bring this message to schools and work place and with luck open young minds to the benefits of self-understanding and respect, whilst at the same time demonstrating the harmful and often self-destructive effects caused by a bullying attitude.